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Mrs M S from USA, 61 years

"Dr Devanshi/Wings took really good care of me. I am living in USA and whenever I call or WhatsApp they respond immediately. Even though I see them once a year, I consult them for all health problems in my family. Greatly satisfied to have someone like Dr. Devanshi available on call."

-Mr R K from Chennai, 33 years

"The effectiveness and rapidity in which I got cured is commendable. I was suffering from past 4 months and within a week I was better. Wings HWC is my go to clinic now."

-Mrs O G from DUBAI, 45 years

"I stay in Dubai and would meet Dr Devanshi once a year. Whenever there is any health, we will skype or whatsapp her and she would reply promptly. She will understand the root cause of our problems quickly and study each case very minutely, giving the next course of action immediately. I am glad to have her and thank her for taking care of me and my daughter with lots of patience and care."

Ms P S from UK, 48 years

"Dr. Devanshi is a lovely person & a nurturing doctor. She has been taking care of our family for over 5 years now. We completely trust her and are glad to have someone with her level of experience and expertise available for us."

Mr S D from Mumbai, 25 years

"I want to thank Dr Devanshi Jhalani for the time she invested in me as her guidance has majorly contributed to the progressive success I have achieved."

Mrs P K from Mumbai, 36 years

"Dr. Devanshi is a lovely person and a great doctor too. She listens to her patients and gives excellent advice and medicine. She is a very good counsellor also. She is more like a family doctor to us."

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